Boosting Reading @ Primary/Secondary – 2 day event

Course Leader(s)

Allison Potter

MSTA Training Room £160 Places Available28 13 Sep 2016 09:30 - 14:30

Course Days: Tuesday 13th September 2016 & Friday 16th September 2016

Course Description
boostingreading @ primary and boostingreading @ secondary are targeted, timelimited, one-to-one interventions, designed to be delivered over a 10 week period.
They are designed to improve the way children read, enabling them to be independent problem solvers who read with understanding and enjoyment.
Content of the BR@P/S two-day training course

  • Observation of two lessons
  • Information on the reading process
  • Developing questioning skills
  • Practical activities
  • Running Records (for assessment at Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2)
  • Record keeping
Course Outcomes For Teaching Assistants

  • In-depth knowledge of the reading process
  • For children
  • Reading with more enjoyment and understanding
  • Increased motivation and confidence
  • Develop skills to be independent problem-solvers

For pupils’ reading attainment to increase

Target Audience KS2 teachers, TAs