NQT Registration

NQT Registration Policy – for those wishing to register their NQTs with MSTA as their Appropriate Body

 The school will:

  • Prior to the appointment of an NQT – check the suitability of the post for NQT Induction [with reference to Statutory Guidance] and using either Employer Access or checking with the Appropriate Body (AB)
  • Complete and return the NQT Appropriate Body Registration form within 4 weeks of the NQT beginning induction
  • Provide the Appropriate Body with all information as requested to ensure registration can take place efficiently
  • Ensure confirmation of NQT registration is received from the Appropriate Body
  • For any NQTs who have completed periods of induction previously in another school, ensure that copies of assessment forms, are passed to the Appropriate Body

The Appropriate Body will:

  • Confirm receipt of registration form to acknowledge that the NQT is registered.  (It is the responsibility of the school to contact the Appropriate Body if they have not received this confirmation)
  • Provide all services required of the Appropriate Body according to statutory guidance issued by DfE

Please note:

  • Induction cannot begin until an NQT has completed the relevant skills tests, has registered with National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL), has a Teacher Reference Number (TRN) and has been registered with an Appropriate Body

 Once NQT has been registered

The school agrees to:

  • Ensure the NQT operates within a reduced timetable (in addition to statutory 10% planning, preparation and assessment time)
  • Provide the NQT with adequate support – the statutory induction guidance for example suggests all NQTs should have a designated Induction Tutor/Mentor
  • Devise with the NQT a personalised programme of professional development activities including regular observations and feedback, opportunities to observe good practice, enable access to MSTA NQT CPD events etc.
  • Arrange with NQT regular reviews of progress towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards
  • Send assessment forms to the Appropriate Body by the deadlines set for each induction period
  • Inform the Appropriate Body of any changes to each individual NQT’s induction

Contact: Margaret.Colley@mstalliance.com for additional information on how to register.